Pre-natal Yoga at Fit 2 FlirtPrenatal Yoga at F2F

Yoga during pregnancy is recognised by doctors and midwives to be a great way of easing birth and common pregnancy conditions. It works using the body, mind, and spirit. Taking up Prenatal Yoga can relax an expectant mother, decrease birthing anxieties and keep her fit. This in turn offers the best start for your growing baby.

In addition to all the benefits attending classes are also a great way to meet other mums-to-be who live locally, meet new friends and develop a support network. Once our expecting mothers give birth they often then attend mother and baby yoga classes along with their new friends.

Classes and Information

When: Pregnancy Yoga sessions at F2F are offered during the day or in the early evening.

What do I need: Yoga Mats and accessories you may need are provided for you. If you are experiencing lower back pain then it is advisable to bring a cushion.

How long: Classes are 70 minutes. 60 minutes breathing and yoga practice followed by 10 minutes relaxation and reflection.

As well as yoga practice the classes cover; Nutrition, birth preparation, Hypno-birthing, breathing exercises to practice at home and activities to get your birthing partner involved.

What to wear: Clothes you are comfortable in and are able to move freely. It is also advisable to bring a jumper, hoodie or cardigan for the 10 minutes relaxation as the body cools down during this time.